Tailor-made solutions for your funds

Learn more about what we can offer, including our services and product types which address your individual goals and needs. We offer you our first-class expertise as your partner for collective capital investments.

What we offer

As number three in the Swiss fund market, we cover all fund management and fund administration tasks from Switzerland.

  • Fund structuring and fund launch
  • Fund accounting and fund valuation
  • Real estate fund accounting
  • Fund administration for third parties
  • Representation for foreign collective investment schemes
  • Reporting, tax operations, compliance, investment controlling and risk management
  • Exercising of voting rights and participation in class actions
  • Management of investment foundations and administration of investment groups

Our product types

We provide services for all major asset classes. Benefit from our expertise in both traditional securities products and special products.

Traditional products

Our fund range includes a wide range of traditional securities products which invest in equities, bonds, money market investments and balanced portfolios (including ETFs). Features of traditional products include a management style (active or passive), geographical and currency-specific investing, and the use of a sustainability approach. Different asset classes are available for private and institutional investors. And for our third-party clients in the fund business, we prepare tailor-made solutions for their securities products.

Special products

Fund products in special investment categories such as private equity, real estate, mortgages and funds of hedge funds place high demands on the asset managers, custodian bank and fund management. We have the necessary specialist know-how in these asset category along with many years of experience. With single investor funds, we implement your individual requirements precisely (for example, processing treasury via the fund).