Broadly diversified client portfolios

We have the trust of many clients from the banking and insurance sector, the foundation system and wealth management. We maintain long-standing partnerships with clients from all over Switzerland.

Long-standing partnerships

We have long-standing clients who recommend our services and we are continuously expanding our client portfolio. Our parent company, Zürcher Kantonalbank, is also our main client. We also act as fund management and fund administrator for a large number of respected Swiss banks, insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds and investment foundations. We are well acquainted with the regulatory requirements and the specific needs of these client groups.

Broadly diversified, throughout Switzerland

We support clients from all over Switzerland – in a personalised way and based on their individual needs.

Client groups with specific needs
  • Regional banks and cantonal banks
  • Private banks
  • Pension funds and foundations
  • Insurance companies
  • Asset managers and family offices
  • Investment foundations and other fund managers

Zürcher Kantonalbank as a custodian bank

The assets of Swisscanto funds are held by Zürcher Kantonalbank. Zürcher Kantonalbank also acts as custodian bank for the majority of our private label funds. As a third-party client, you benefit from well-established processes, automated interfaces and the expertise of our parent company.

Other custodian banks

Besides Zürcher Kantonalbank, we also work with other custodian banks. As a client, you have the choice of custody partner, with your needs as a fund provider in the foreground. If you take on the custodian bank function yourself, we will support you in the approval process for the FINMA licence if necessary. Working as a custodian bank ties up resources but does ensure that you have a greater share of added value. A third-party bank can also be brought in as a custodian bank.